Wednesday, July 26, 2006

An African Conlusion, A conclusion (Part Five)

This part doesn't really take place in Africa.... hehe

Well, getting through the airport in Paris, Charles De Gaulle, was pretty easy. In Australia, if you have come on a flight from any plce you are under intense scrutiny, in Paris i didn't even need to open the passport. Everyone seemed to be let through without any serious sort of passport examination.
I waited a little while for my baggage, and then I set out to book a flight home and to find a bed for the night. Having only one hours sleep, and still nowhere near 100% fit, i needed some serious rest. I went to find the Emirates office to book a ticket, which took forever to find and in the end was closed. Of course!! So in the end i found a computer terminal and tried to book a flight home for the next day.
Eventually I did, much to my relief, and got a very cheap price too - around 700 EUROS.... thats darn cheap, especially for a flight booked for the next day. Then i hopped a bus to an airport hotel. I should mention that the temperature was about 1 degree celcius, and there was snow falling all around the huge Charles De Gaulle airport. What an incredible contrast to the 40 degrees i had been experiencing only a day before.
I checked into a hotel that was comfortable but well overpriced for the size of the room. Thats airport hotels i guess, and to be expected. I considered taking the metro into Paris but decided i was far too tired. In the end I slept the afternoon, went down for a pretty nice meal, and returned to the room where i fell asleep again for the night.
I awoke to find I had missed breakfast proper and would have to survive on the after 10am breakfast which was basic at best. Still, I had a croissant in France. At the terminal there was a mazzive queue already for the flight to Dubai, and it took an hour to check in, possibly more.
The flight left a few minutes late, and finally I felt like was heading home. I met a very nice girl - Pia, from Brisbane on this flight. At the Dubai airport we both had a few hours to kill, so we spent them singing and reminiscing about the Buffy musical episode.
We parted ways too quicly though :( and I was on my way home. The flight stopped for an hour in Singapore... and felt like it would never end. My stomach developed pain which was not good, and sleep didn't really some. after around 25 hours including stops in airports from paris, i was touching down in good old melbourne.
But it wasn't over... after waiting an age for my baggage, i was then subjected to thorough searches as were most people on the flight. It was now 2.30 am when i got out of the airport. Perhaps the authorities were just bored as it was the only flight in at the time... im not sure...
but home in australia i was....
and three days later back in hospital for tests and observation. The stomach remained bad, anxiety bad too...
but that was back in early march, and life now is on the up. oh i promised pics.... will be up soon i promise you!

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Anonymous said...

Andrew, you are a great traveller:)))) (i envy you)But why do you practiacally always have problems with your stomach?:)Eat right food;)poka:)))