Sunday, July 29, 2007

Soon I need to do some ironing.

Yes... In half an hour or so I need to get into some ironing as there are a lot of unironed shirts in a box at the end of my bed that have been waiting just far too long. And some people wonder why I continue to travel as often as I can.
So the date to fly out of here is the 4th of October. That is just over two months away now. I have been foolishly counting down the days until i depart (67 for those who care) and boy does it make the days go slower. That and at the moment I am afflicted with a fluey-cold thing that refuses to go away. So is it any wonder I just wish to be out of here? Plus working six days a week is really starting to get to me as well. That's to be expected I suppose.

Well, so a little preview. My first stop will be Stockholm, that illustrious capital of Sweden. Ok, perhaps that's not the perfect word. I mean, I was there in 1999 and remember things like the make-shift hostel (in a school) and getting my jacket dry cleaned for a wedding I was going to in Germany. And a wonderful place that served a buffet lunch for a reasonable price.
I was there in Summer and it was 35 degrees most days as they were in the middle of a rare heat wave, I even went swimming one day. The weather will not be so agreeable in October. I am well aware of this but I can't say, living through a Melbourne winter right now, I am as happy about that as I was when I booked my flights at the end of one of the hottest summers Melbourne has ever had. Still, four nights there and the main purpose of that is to counter any jetlag I am sure to experience after 22 hours in flight. Crikey!
I have picked out a hostel:

It seems to be the best one in Stockholm. The plan is to pay extra money for a single room and really get some quality shut-eye. Also I want to see a couple of things around town, including the Skansen Amusement Park and the Royal Palace, both of which I somehow missed the first time around. Hopefully I can find that eatery too, although I fear that I will again be consigned to cooking for myself. Sweden ain't the cheapest place on Earth folks, in fact your standard dorm bed is at least $35 Australian. Double that for a single. Worth it I suspect for a few good night's sleep.
I'm planning on a little preview for each country I visit like this one. Can't promise anything of course.... but that's another little plan, so watch this space!!!!

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