Monday, April 25, 2011

The Mighty Carp

Finally, a little bit of sun! I am likely to blog again later today but I felt that this blog does not belong with the blog I am likely to write after visiting the A-bomb dome and peace memorial. For you see I am now in Hiroshima, which experienced the first ever atomic bomb back in 1945.
However, it is also home to the Mighty Carp! The local baseball team sits somewhere at the top of the Central League, and yesterday played host to the Yakult Swallows from Tokyo. Sadly, the result did not go their way in the form of a 8-3 loss, but it was an enjoyable day none-the-less. Lots of chants and songs, some raucous noise and clapping, and at the bottom of the seventh innings they released thousands of pink balloons in the air for good luck! Didn't have the desired effect though...

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