Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Lights, cameras, Hong Kong!

I thought Tokyo was big. I thought Tokyo was hard to get around, but now I am in Hong Kong. It's hard to imagine all the Skycrapers, lights, people. Okay, I arrived at the start of Golden Week which seems to run throughout north Asia, but wow. I am staying on the twelth floor of Mirador Mansions. It's quite warm and very humid. I took the Peak Tram - this goes almost vertically uphill - to see Hong Kong from Victoria Peak. Naturally it was covered in cloud and I saw nothing. The process of getting on board the tram took an hour and there was lots of pushing and shoving. Then many including myself had to stand inside the tram, at an almost vertical angle, that is seriously hard! Sardine life is not far removed from the life of the average Hong Konger it would seem!
Then I went back to Kowloon where I am staying to see the light show. Across the harbour dozens of buildings light up in time with some music pumped over the loud speakers. It's rather... boring after one minute.
The neon lights are bright on Broadway. but Hong Kong gives it a run for its money. Electricity must be cheap here, I mean businesses keep their doors open and left the air conditioning pump into the outside atmosphere. Who can afford to do that?
Tokyo, after the earthquake and Nuclear disaster, was rationing the power, and conserving it. Hong Kong wouldn't know how! Hmmm I think if you shut down Hong Kong, global warming would not be an issue anymore....
Medicine shop in Hong Kong, lights show the way.
So the trip rolls on, and soon (tomorrow) I will be in China proper. I take the train from Shenzen, just outside Hong Kong. The train takes me to Guilin, from there a bus to Yanshuo. Stay tuned!

Peak tram gets its victims squashed as is the custom.

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