Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sri Lanka and Halloween

Howdy folks it's post time.
Last week I was suffering a cold that hasn't left me yet but I did manage to have a good week regardless. On Wednesday it was Halloween. I was asked to prepare a lesson asking me to explain Halloween and I realised I have no idea what the deal is there. But I followed through and basically it was one of the best days I've had teaching at a Japanese school. There was treat or treating (it's very hard to explain that trick or treat are two things you choose from) and I got to meet every student in Junior High School at my special needs school which was great.
There were games like bobbing apples and wrapping people to look like Mummies. What more could you ask for on a school day?
Had a good week of classes generally and then on Friday night I hit the karaoke place and before I knew it it was Saturday.

December is suddenly next month! What the?
Just before Christmas I am heading out to Singapore and Batam Island Indonesia for six days followed by eight days in Sri Lanka. Yes I am pretty stoked about that as by that time probably we will be surrounded by snow by then! A bit of warmth wouldn't go amiss at the moment! So lots to prepare for and some proper travel-related blogs to put up.
Meanwhile I will try and complete all the work on 'Dhaka to Dakar'. Already out on Kindle chapter by chapter, my next goal is to get the last two volumes up as entire pieces, and the first as individual chapters.

Speaking of chapters, I refer you all to the big one, the Burkina Faso chapter. Yeah this is where I detail my struggle with malaria. I was blogging by this time in 2006 but a lot of this stuff didn't make the blog. It's a rare insight into the mind of a man with a tropical disease. lol! See you next time punks!

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