Sunday, May 12, 2013

Haishiwa Jinja

Dear peoples who read my blog,
I don't have much to update you with sadly :(
School has been busy since 'Golden Week', and the weather has been windy and wild, with a couple of decent days thrown in for good measure. Today it just rained most of the day in Ichinoseki. Goodness me! I am blogging about the bloody weather!
Anyways, I did manage a visit to Haishiwa Temples, some very old temples in Ichinoseki. The temples are around 1900 years old, although as they are all wood I presume they have been rebuilt a few times since then!
Although perhaps unremarkable in appearance, they are located, as are all temples it seems in Japan, up a bloody great hill! I went up a whole lot of stairs to get there. The forest was really beautiful too, and I saw a few possibilities for nice day-hikes! Or one-two hour walks!
So I thought I would share some photos with you!

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