Thursday, September 12, 2013

Short Journeys

Hi everyone.
I have started work in earnest on my next batch of ebooks, called 'Short Journeys'. They will chronicle my travels in different countries across Asia, Africa and ex-USSR.
I am working primarily on 'Short Journeys - Ethiopia' at this stage, and also have 'Short journey's - Kazakhsatn' in the pipleline. More information will be forth coming! I have visited many places that aren't covered in 'Dhaka to Dakar', so it was about time I started working on them! Incidentally, here'e the webpage again I made for Dhaka to Dakar:

Dhaka to Dakar, the book!

As for the new series, 'Short Journeys', I hope to have the first out by the end of October, and one or two more out by the end of the year, followed by maybe 6 or so next year. Eventually they will be available in three bigger volumes. Anyways, to whet you appetite, here are some photos from countries which will feature in the 'Short Journeys' range :






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