Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Time passing, writings, life update. Musings in general

Well it's now mid October, and yet again it's been ages since i posted. What should one post about? Well at the moment I am working busily on a book. This book is an account of my travels in 2004. For those who don't know what I got up to that year, I flew from Melbourne to Malaysia, then on to Dhaka in Bangladesh. From there I made my way overland to Europe. After Europe I had a couple of months in North America before heading home. This was a ten month journey, and I my biggest trip (like, ever!). I always wanted to write a book about it, and since returning home from Africa this year it's something I have really dug into. In fact I hope to have a draft completed by the end of the year, or maybe end of January is more realistic. Perhaps I should post extracts here? What do people think.
Well, life is rolling on otherwise with work and Theatresports. Yes I do Impro with the esteemed company Impro Melbourne, something I have neglected to mention to this point. I think. I mean... sorry but I don't have the will or energy to check previous posts to see if I have or not.
Getting a new job this year and working with people with disabilities has been a challenge, but a good one nonetheless. 2006 has turned out to be a strange year indeed. I feel rather like I am floating at the moment. Nevertheless things are moving on alright.
Here are a couple of pictures from Iran, the chapter I am presently working on. The first is Persepolis, ancient ruins near the town of Shiraz. The second is a bridge and river from the amazing Isfahan, one of the more beautiful cities in the world. Enjoy!

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