Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Obligatory monthly post

Hey one and all.
It is November. I have been posting once a month of late, so here it is. The year is slowly coming to an end, and my travel plans for next year are yet to firm in any way. The book is coming along rather nicely though, I have eleven chapters complete now. I am pretty happy about that!

For the first time since returning home bedragled and malaria-rised, I have had thoughts about returning (someday) to Africa. It is unlikely to be the next trip, but I regret immensely not getting to Dakar, as was the plan. It was the plan in 2004, and the plan in 2006, and it remains unachieved. I for one want to achieve my goal and get there, and that means flying (somehow) back to Ouagadougou and getting through Mali to Senegal so that I can say that i did the whole journey. A more realistic thing to do would be to fly back into fair Accra and make my way to Burkina Faso via Kumasi, a Ghanain town i never reached.

These thoughts are reminiscent of the way I first felt about India in 1999. I left the place sick, bedraggled and so forth after surviving bad bowels for ages, earthquakes and even a car accident on my way to the airport. I swore i was never going back! However, i developed some sort of resolve afterwards and was back there in January 2001, 18 months later. hmmmm... anything could happen.

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