Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On the road again... briefly

Oh well yes...

I have been travelling. From the 13th to the 17th of January i really did some miles (I would say kilometres but it doesn't have the same ring to it).

Firstly i went to West Gippsland, based around Neerim South. I was with another four people and we were out making a little short film in the area. We stopped off in Noojee for an ordinary lunch in a very nice pub indeed. (although i can't say they liked us all that well) We were a pretty loud city group i guess, but nevertheless it was nice. We filmed under this amazing trestle bridge that one hundred years ago had steam trains rocketing across.
The whole area was not suffering from the drought that had stricken not just most of Victoria, but a lot of Australia too. It has been so dry here it's quite unbelievable. Then again, I have been to Niger.
The next day i was off to visit relatives who live on a farm near Wangaratta. As the picture shows you it's far drier up there! Plus there was a lot of smoke from bushfires. Actually with the dry summer here bushfires have been raging a lot, and even in Melbourne we have had days when that smoke has drifted a few hundred kilometres down into our city making for some very eerie days.
Next to Kyabram, where i visited my grandparents and then to more relatives in Bendigo. DOing some filming everywhere i went. Not that much to report, Kyabram is not a major town really, and boy was it hot after the first two days. We are talking 40ish, that's real African weather.
All in all i must have travelled over 900 km in those five days. wowsers. That's a lot of concentrating on the road, believe you me!

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