Monday, March 05, 2007

... and every so often comes a post

Hi all
I missed February with no post there. News here is somewhat good though, I have completed the main bulk of my book, that is fourteen chapters. There needs to be an intoduction and probably a conclusion i suspect, but they wont be long and i will then have to go through the lot and edit to complete a first draft. From there I have no idea, i suspect i require a publisher of some sort.
Life here is ok, same old as they say. In February I went to the Flight Centre Travel Expo in Melbourne, where I nutted out different deals and finally decided I would take Malaysian Airlines over to Europe in October. These sort of flights are locked in early because they are so cheap, but I have to be happy because, well, Malaysian Airlines are possibly my favourite airline in the world. Emirates are great too, Thai up there as well. Into Stockholm and out of London, i still have a few flights to organise into the Baltics, over to London and of course the flights to Mali and out of Senegal to London. Whew, it should be quite a trip. Saving is going well, which is important obviously. Not much else to report! take care.

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