Friday, September 14, 2007

Shaving Helsinki

Finland Finland Finland Finland
The country where I want to be
Pony Trekking or camping
or just watching tv

Hi folks. How are we out there?
I have 20 days to go, less than three weeks. I am a bit on the buggered side and face a hell of a lot of esxtra hours before I fly away. More money I hear you say... Well I wish I saw it that way, but I see myself hopping on the plane rather stressed out like I did last time. So from now on despite my busy nature I am going to try and relax wherever humanly possible. Yes it's a plan.

From St Petersburg and Vyborg I will take the train across to Helsinki, a city I have never seen before. Perhaps I will stay in the famous Stadion Hostel, located strangely enough in a stadium. What Shall I do with three days in Helsinki? I don't really know. Stuff probably. be cold. the usual. hehe

I have my passport back. In fact I got it back three days ago, it took 8 days. Pretty amazing, all the way to Japan, processed and sent off by courier back to me and all in 8 days. And to think getting the Russian visa took 3 weeks and never left australia. CRIKEY!

now packing lists need to be and so forth. I bought an electric battery-powered shaver yesterday so one can tell my life is full of excitment right now. Well, I can't for the life of me think why I stuck with the blade on previous trips. Cold water, carrying shaving cream around... what a silly hassle.
yeah yeah

til next time!

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