Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photos from Gondar

Here is the second installment of 'Photos I would have uploaded at the time if it were possible'. Yes, bit of a mouthful.
These tell the story of my visit to the town of Gondar - a bit of a hassley place by Ethiopian standards (read compared to Egypt quiet and serene) but an interesting place. Guess you'll have to scroll back a few posts to find out all about it!
Street in Gondar. There were a lot of 'ramshackle shacks' that were being lived in.

View of Gondar from a nearby hill.

King Fasil's baths - every epiphany they are filled (the bottom section) and people are baptised in their hundreds, if not more.
Castle inside the Gondar citadel, pretty much in central Gondar.

Next I have to upload photos from the Simien Mountains trek. That will be a challenge - so many photos and I have to choose five or six!

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Parag said...

hmmmm.Impressive collection.
The photos reflect a bit of Indian culture in it.
Gondar castle