Monday, March 14, 2011

.... Different (?) Dalat

Getting away from the smoke and heat of HCMC was good. Dalat is up in the hills and is a fair bit cooler than HCMC, and with a comfortable room there there was little to complain about as I took in the footage of ravaged Japan and contemplated whether I will still be heading there. - answer, undecided.

Dalat has a lovely little narrow guage railway up to a pagoda which I enjoyed riding, and yesterday I did a city tour that took me on a cable car to yet another pagoda. Yes, there are a lot of pagodas here in Vietnam! After that there were other things of interest. A small 'roller coaster' went down a hill driven by gravity to the foot of a pretty little waterfall. Then it took me back up! Meeting some really friendly people, Vietnam is easy to travel around in and very friendly so I am giving it the thumbs up thus far, touch wood!

Then the tour took me to a palce called the 'Valley of Love'. Hard to explain... full of animal statues, swings, a lake, a chance to dress in traditional costume for photos.. quite a bizarre little place indeed. Still, the locals love it, it provides a cavalcade of photo opportunities.

I saw a few other things, but they were the more memorable ones. I have just arrived in Nha Trang, a beachside town where it's mid to high twenties and I plan to read and relax and write a bit even whilst I am here, and probably little else. See all you faithful readers in a few days!

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Anonymous said...

Hey hope you're well! :) We've been wondering what you're gonna do about Japan next month, wasn't it the start of April you were gonna go? :(

Anyway nice to read what you've been up to!

- Peta