Friday, March 04, 2011

This is all very familiar!

Hello folks hello folks!
The next big trip has begun! I am down safely in Singapore!
I have been having those pangs of worry (not mention an absoultely crazy lead-up week that I wasn't sure I would survive) about whether, at 35 I could still do this. Perhaps now I was the sort of traveller who could only stay in comfortable air conditioned digs with cable tv and room service. Hmmmm that sounds good right now...
but I digress!

Here I am in Ali's Nest, basically a homestay in a home.... ok that was obvious.... behind a sign that denotes some sort of trading company. Yes, no actual sign pointing out that this is the place. I have a cupboard with a fan and a padlock to keep the door closed. But this is just about the cheapest single room in all of Singapore, the boss is a nice guy and really friendly, and really it's all you need! The only thing that irks me is that I have to unplug the fan to charge my batteries!

So this is the first stop, we are under way! Vietnam beckons on Monday, there's some Laos, Japan, China... a lot of Asia as you can see!
to let you in on the preview - such as it is, around five and a half months of travel ahead, then to the Republic of Georgia, all going well, fingers crossed and touch wood, to teach English for three months.
Suppose I should learn to speak and write English first.......

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