Sunday, June 26, 2011

From Uzbekistan to Cameroon. You read right!

The joys of African computers an internet have already struck – I lost the whole post.

Annoying when you consider I have to traverse the Fench keyboard too! Still, somehow I have gone Asia - Europe - Africa in a blink of an eye!

Here I am in Kribi, Cameroon, a few days and a lot of miles from where I last blogged, Uzbekistan. So anyways, since I last blogged from Tashkent, I went to the airport where the security guards searched for extra Euros they were sure I was carrying, hopped on a plane to Riga, Latvia. The flight was fine, five hours over night. Cold have done with more sleep though!

Then at Riga airport everyone was searched thoroughly after getting off the plane. Riga airport was confusing, having to be bussed a very short distance to the next terminal. No explanation about how and where to get the bus from though! So five hours in Riga airport…. Not a lot to do let me tell you.

I had two nights in London, and then three days ago now up at five am to catch a flight via Zurich to Douala, Cameroon. A packed fight with lots of children. Still, we touched down safely in Douala. It has a bad rep for being crazy and even a little dangerous, but I found it quite chilled and laid back. Not a bad place, especially compared to say, Accra.

In fact, that’s Cameroon. Not a lot to see or do, but relax and ejoy the vive. There was a band outside the airport playing West African vibes, so awesome and chilled. Weather? Mid twenties, humid, but sea breeze helps.

Yesterday I took an African bus-ride here to the chilled and pretty town of Kribi. The bus had people standing in the aisle, animated discussion, it was brilliant! The scenery is almost jungle, dense green forest. Rivers, good roads, friendly people. And nw I am in a beachside hotel where I can hear the Atlantic Ocean pound the shore all night long.

Who could ask for more?

The Rue De Libertè, Douala

View from my hotel, Kribi.

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