Friday, June 03, 2011

So long Kazakhstan...

My final proper day in this enigma that is Kazakhstan. From the Soviet stylings of Alma-Ata (Almaty) I took a short bus ride into the mountains to a place called Medeu. It was a pleasant morning out and about, I certainly enjoyed the scenery. There is even an ice rink, not in use at the moment, not with ice at least. Some sort of makeshift basketball court instead.
The mountains from Medeu

So tomorrow is the big push to Kyrgystan. One week there, then that is followed by a week and a half in Uzbeksitan and that will conclude Asia. For the time being at least!
Almaty from the 12th floor.

As the sun sets on Kazakhstan, I must admit I enjoyed my time here. Great weather, interesting place that few people know a lot about. The culture is certainly unique and interesting, the Russification of the land, cities and people provides a place totall;y different to China.Okay, so the next two countries are also former USSR, but I think they will have their own qualities too. No cities like Astana, but nature, history, desert... oh and I expect some really hot weather in Uzbekistan!
The Ice Rink, Medeu

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