Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Universal Christmases Inc, Singapore LTD,

Happy New Year readers! This post was to mark the end of 2012 but with no access to the net due to the wifi at my guesthouse being frustratingly down, it's been rolled over to the new year. So I am left with a bit of catching up after flying from Singapore to Sri Lanka and already having a few adventures.
Singapore was a brief sojourn, nothing more. I took in two movies - do not miss Les Miserables.... Anne Hathaway you blew me away! And the most fun day (oh gawd my English usage is starting to mimic my students. Apart from this bit in brackets) was at USS - Universal Studios Singapore. Many of my students went to USJ (Universal Studios Japan) and raved about it. I had a suitably good time at its sister site in Singapore. Well some rides were better than others.

This made 2012 the year of the theme park for me - I visited four, up on 2011's zero. They are fun, although it's not a priority in my life at this stage. It was the main thing in Singapore I hadn't visited. Peak season again like it was for Tokyo Disneyland, or so it seemed. The biggest lines were coming to and leaving Sentosa Island for the monorail.A wait to get tickets, but comparatively cheap at 74 Singapore dollars, around $AUD60.

I enjoyed 'The Mummy Returns' Ride most of all, far superior to the films, of which I have seen one only. The Transformers ride was excellent containing an indoor roller-coaster type thing and 3-D to great effect. The Jurassic Park water ride was longest queue for the smallest buzz. The Shrek 4-D show was pretty cool, and the Jurassic Park observation ride was good too. I finally got the courage to go on a roller coaster - the Battlestar Galactica ride which really didn't have anything to do with the series once you were on it. That wasn't so scary but I kept the fear bottled up inside and as a result didn't get the buzz I was hoping for out of it.

 Orchard Road's famed Christmas decorations were pretty special, a reputation well deserved. It was a couple of days after Christmas, but they stick around for a while into the New Year I imagine. I wasted some wonderful time looking for a coin laundry that wasn't there any more, as I said saw movies, I was there for three days with my wife... Seems like we didn't do a lot but really we did enough. Fourth time for me in this island city. So VERY busy these days. It is the shopping mecca.
As for the locals, as I wrote in March 2011, they just won't put down their phones and ipads. I saw a woman watching a movie on the MRT and it was their stop, so she kept their head down and walked out of the train still engrossed in her iphone. Is this the future of the world??

But now I am in Sri Lanka. Stay tuned for the trip from Singapore to Kandy, and everything I see in this amazing beautiful country!

Happy 2013!

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