Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Meanwhile, in Vang Vieng

An interesting article today in the Age about Vang Vieng, a place I visited in 2011 whilst it still was a party Mecca. Apparently 20 people died tubing in 2011, only 7 last year. ONLY? sorry. Things have changed there it seems....

sorry folks blogger doesn't like links. You'll need to cut and paste it. At the time I felt sorry for the locals because of all the drunk tourists! (not to mention the stoned tourists) Now I feel sorry for them because of the lack of drunk tourists.
To be fair though, something had to be done with people dying so regularly. Having visited the place it is easy to see how that could happen. The thing is - you can bet your bottom dollar that a similar place with more relaxed rules than Vang Vieng has now will soon open up. If it hasn't already.

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