Monday, March 18, 2013

Air Asia to Melbourne

How time flies!
I am home for three weeks in Melbourne, with a lot planned. Hopefully can bring you some info on the city and some pics of course.
I took the Air Asia way home, by far the cheapest. I left fair Ichinoseki on Saturday morning and took a train, a bus and another train to get to Haneda airport. So I had been travelling for 11 hours before I checked into my flight!
Then seven hours to Kuala Lumpur. A little sleep, on and off. The LCCT part of Kuala Lumpur airport is a special terminal (LCCT = Low Cost Carrier Terminal) which I have now been through a number of times. It's not so clean, few shops or eateries, bad internet but it serves and I make it sound worse than it is. Basically it's only there for Air Asia, who are based in KL.
The main airport is one of the nicest in the world I think!

Air Asia though get my thumbs up! Okay you have to pay extra for food, choosing a seat, bags over 15kg but they do have great service and generally run on time. I can't recall an Air Asia flight that left more than 15 minutes late that I've taken, and I've taken a few now.
But this isn't a plug. I slept on and off the whole journey from Ichinoseki to Melbourne. An hour.45 minutes here or there, but never a nice long sleep. Such is the way with travel.
The second flight, to Melbourne, was again around seven hours. It seemed longer, but finally touched down. Through via the new 'e-passport' system and in my old home town.
soon something else i am sure
stay tuned!

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