Saturday, August 17, 2013

More Tokyo stuffies!

After Ueno my day was not done, oh no! I made my way to nearby Asakusa by the train to see the famous temple, Senjo-ji. I was pushing time as I had a movie I wanted to see, 'World War Z'. Maybe I should say I wanted to see A movie and this was about the least crap-looking thing that was on anywhere in English.

Ooops. Going to Senjo-ji was a big mistake. Why? Well, simply, I'd been there before! So no really a BIG mistake, but I didn't realise until I got there that I'd visited it last August! It was a mistake because I was going to struggle to get to the movie early enough. Anyways, at least I could take a couple of nice photos.

I also passed this charming house less than 50 metres from the temple which looks old-style at the very least! In amongst the bigger, modern building I thought it was quite charming. Did I mention it is charming?

Then I rushed back to the train station, taking a line that I couldn't find anywhere on any map to Shinjuku station, where I found my cinema, 15 minutes in hand but no tickets left...
So I went to Harajuku, a little area north of Shibuya where apparently cos-players line up for photos, but I must have been too late for that as well :( although there was a little activity, and some sort of music festival going on too. Also passed a packed street which apparently has a lot of children's shops on it I found out later, Takeshita Street.
A school group from Hong Kong in Harajuku

I walked slowly down to Shibuya, and stopped at Tower Records. They have a lovely air conditioned cafe on the third (?) level where I had a beer and waited for my wife to finish a seminar. It had been a hot and sticky day, and I had spent a good portion of it on trains. But you know, at least I was getting around right?

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