Thursday, August 08, 2013

Mount Murone

Surrounding mountains near Mt Murone.

Howdy all,
As things hot up here in Japan in terms of the weather and in terms of politics in Australia with an election around the corner, tomorrow sees me take to the roads again as I drive to Yokohama. It's going to be quite a drive! It's been a long time since I've headed out for such a long drive so I need to take a big deep breath and get ready!
The Observatory.

A few days ago I took a drive up a local mountain - not very high, a few metres less than 900 metres, Mount Murone. It was a beautiful little spot - I was there in some pretty nasty weather but still I could take in a bit of beauty amongst the clouds and rain - which thankfully tapered off a bit when I reached the top.

There is an observatory there too, which unfortunately I didn't have time to visit whilst I was there (save that for another day and another blog), but I was able to take some photos to share. Mount Murone is about 40 km from Ichinoseki, between here and the coast. For locals it's a pretty famous place. For outsiders, it's very much a hidden secret. One worth visiting! It was even a couple of degrees cooler there!

The weather is certainly getting up there now, we are into our third day of 32 or more here in a row, I saw in Tokyo it was 37 yesterday - crikey! That's what I am heading into and Tokyo is even more humid than it is here. Take care everyone! See you soon on the blogsphere!

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