Saturday, November 09, 2013

Loving Laos

Hello everyone,
I have been doing a little video editing lately, and put together a video on my time in Laos.
Luang Prabang

Editing the video of my time there in April 2011, and I realised and remembered what a wonderful and interesting time I had when I was there. It still receives less publicity and less tourists than its neighbours in Thailand and Vietnam, but in many ways that makes it more special.
 Phonsovan was my highlight of Laos, the Plain of Jars and of course the experience of learning about how the community is coping and working together to remove unexplored bombs and mines. A sleepy little place at times, but still my number one.
The Plain of Jars
Vang Vieng on the other hand was pretty sad, with its excesses and the fact that basically it's been taken over by white people to service their own desires and whatnot. Today I believe it has chilled somewhat. Tubing was stopped at one point early this year, but I believe it's back up but there are less bars these days, which when I was there was the only thing the visitors cared about. Seriously guys, you can get shitfaced at home. Vang Vieng is actually in a very beautiful area though, and if you don't go tubing there's still a lot to see without the drunken 20 year olds.

Vang Vieng

So please, take some time to look at my latest video. I made the decision to not put a soundtrack on it this time, because I think of peace and tranquility when I think of Laos, and a little bit about 'Friends' as well. Here she is, 'Loving Laos'.

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