Monday, November 04, 2013

Dhaka to Dakar - new covers :)

As many readers of this blog may be aware, I have taken to writing up some of my travels and made them available on kindle.
Recently I put a new one up - Short Journeys: Ethiopia

However, the original three books, the Dhaka to Dakar books (Asia, Europe and Africa) have been up for a while. In preparation for the new book, I did a littler reading into the best kind of covers for kindle and found that I had made a big mistake. The covers for the Europe and Africa books especially were complicated, comprising of several images, and looking at them again I realised just how bad they looked.
So, I have made new covers for the original three books. The individual chapters have sold ok, but the books themselves have not, so consider this a sort of rebranding. I have also reduced the prices too, each book is now $1.99 on Here are the new images:

And on Amazon:

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