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Ethiopia - Short Journeys

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Today I am happy to announce that I have a new book published on Amazon for Kindle. The first 'Short Journeys' is out, and the country in question is Ethiopia. Today I include an introductory excerpt for my blog to give readers an idea what's inside.

Simien Mountains

This is the first ‘short journeys’ I have written. It was 2009 when I headed over to the horn of Africa to visit a country that had long held a big interest for me – Ethiopia. From outside it really came across as a very unique African nation, and I am glad to say that once I was there, it was equally unique. Ethiopia has a look, a feel, a rhythm and a way completely of its own. It’s not a country I can easily compare to other African nations I have visited, such as Mali or Cameroon.
A church in Lalibela.

It’s cuisine is quite unique too. It’s people have a wonderful love of their country, and are as unique as their homeland. Ethiopia’s history is rich, they have their own script and notable and deserved pride for their nation. A country that the world knows for several things, such as marathon and long distance runners, coffee, but perhaps more unfortunately, for poverty and famine.
The image that many have of Ethiopia is a starving people, the centre of the famine in Africa back in the 1980’s and still struggling today. Whilst there are significant areas in Ethiopia suffering from bad conditions, drought, desertification and famine, and
Monastery on the Zege Peninsula.
whilst this should never be forgotten, it is not fair that this is the central image of this amazing country. These common images are very negative ones, which sadly does nothing to help the country’s economy or its tourism industry. To those who are ‘in the know’ however, Ethiopia is a beautiful land of warm people, an amazing culture, brilliant trekking, history, and coffee! Not only that, but Ethiopia also produces a good amount of wine. There’ are many surprises awaiting those coming to Ethiopia.

I visited the capital, Addis Ababa, and places north of the capital. There are beautiful lakes, rivers and waterfalls. There are some stunning high mountains, ancient churches carved into rock, and wonderfully kind and warm people. The climate is cool to mild in the northern area which makes travelling more pleasant than some of the hotter areas of Africa. 

Included in the book:
Addis Ababa
Simien Mountains
Lake Tana
Bahir Dar
Blue Nile Falls
A delicious Ethiopian meal.

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