Thursday, January 09, 2014

Rebranding - introducing 'World Journeys'

Howdy folks! If you look above this writing you may notice that after more than seven years, I have changed the name of the blog. Why is that, I hear you ask? Well, I am trying to align all my travel works together. I have – ebooks (the only source of income from my travel writings, which nets me less than 10 dollars a month), the blog, a facebook page (please join/like!),  a webpage – a new one coming to Wordpress as well, and a youtube channel. All hopefully will soon feature the new banner of ‘World Journeys’ (which incidentally I think is a more accurate title for ‘what I do’).

Also coming later in 2014, I hope, will be a ‘World Journeys Podcast’. I am looking at talking to various people for about favourite destinations, travel stories and more. I hope to start uploading around the end of March, but this is very much still just in the pipeline at the moment.

I may even get, shock horror, a twitter account. Amazon Kindle has been a good start for travel publishing. I run a few giveaways a month there and from now on I will be letting people know when something’s for free on the Facebook page (this is where twitter maybe useful too). I’m looking to publish on other platforms as well, looking at Lulu and Payhip to increase my reach. Also, kindle is proving to be very difficult to get paid from! Heading back to Australia too and there’s no good way to get paid in Australia for my publishing sadly.
Anyways that’s the latest from ‘The Greater World’ – now ‘World Journeys’. Tomorrow I promise you a great tale from Cameroon about getting from A to B, African style!
Take care until then


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