Friday, February 17, 2006

38.7 degrees

no that was not the outside temperature, that was my temperature. I know i havent posted in a while, ive been in hospital with (probably) malaria. a few days back the temperature begin to rise and a fever set in. I was in Banfora, where id taken an interesting tour earlier in the day with little clue as to what was coming next.
So anyways i was given some medication, and had a pretty dreadful night of little sleep. I wenr back for tests the next day and they came negative, but with the fever the doctors seemed sure it was malaria. I got so weak i could sit anymore with fever, and before i knew it I was on a bed.
It was pretty grim as hospitals go. The doctors dont seem to have those armstraps when taking injections and attaching drips, so they tied a rubber glove around my right arm and proceded to miss the vein altogether which rather smarted.
He returned with a light and with help of another PATIENT he got it right. Later in the evening another doctor managed to break two syringes (one not even out of the packet) and add the wrong mixture to the saline drip and had to trhow it out. Im not sure what was worse - the malaria or the hospital treatment. Then they locked the toilet during the night. Well that was pretty grim too....
oh well
so been recovering and moved on to Bobo Diolasso not sure if ill be heading to europe really soon or what just yet;... wont be much more than a week away though.

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Greig said...

I think going to Europe sounds like a really good idea.