Sunday, February 12, 2006

Time for some more photos

Hello everyone. Well; having a bit of an easy sickie here in Ougadougou right now, hopefully should be right to move on tomorrow, so thought I'd upload a few more images as, well, it has been ages. This first one is a street scene just outside the Grand Marche in Niamey, Niger.
This is the Grand Mosque in Agadez, right in the middle of nowhere. I've met plenty of people going further into the desert mind you, but I reckon this is as remote as I'm getting. This trip at least. And yes, it is a bit, isn't it??
Ahhhh, Monsieur Camel I presume? These placid camels are at the animal market, Agadez, Niger.

I feel compelled to make interesting comments such as : 'Three heads are better than one?' A Voodoo statue on the Slave Route to the sea, Ouidah, Benin.

This one is from Lome, Togo where some kids were playing football in the centre of town. No, there isn't a lot of grass.The stilit village of Ganvie, Benin.Lome, Togo. Situated on a lovely looking (but apparently somewhat dangerous) beach. Well; hope they've been, well, liked....


John Corry said...

Amazing Andrew,

Keep up the reports. You really are in such an extraordinary place. Reading your stories and looking at your pictures make it so much more real. Wow!

Where to next?


Breeze from Abrolhos said...

Seems good winds to sail...