Saturday, February 18, 2006

oh i can't be fçàé£d with a title

im feeling so so folks.... not sure if ill move on tomorrow or not, will wait and see how and if i sleep. Walked around the city of Bobo-Dioulasso today until I couldnt anymore and just collapsed in bed. Read a bit too. Pity I'm not 100 per cent as I'd have to say that this is the nicest city I've been to on the trip. Lots of trees, a great mud-sahlien style mosque, even a small but interesting museum. The museums in West Africa that I've seen have been pretty good. Just very under patronised.

There's a curious thing around Burkina Faso though, especially in Banfora but also here to a smaller extent. The kids mainly refer to whites as 'Les blanches' which is, white in French. But they say it at you as you walk past.... Why and with what motive I'm not sure. It's very unsettling after a while... I already knew I was white. And these places have plenty of expats and a few tourists, actually more here than I've seen in any other country which is surprising.

Then there's guides. You don't really need one, and the information they give you is well.... obvious anyways. I just had one follow me 500 metres down the street to this internet cafe. I said kindly I wasn't interested, explained I was leaving tomorrow, and still he hung around the door after I was inside. People don't take no for an answer and it gets exhausting. Then you have to balance it out with the poverty here. But those that seem really poor don't hassle you, and i generally give a few francs to.
Oh well, guess I won't be in Africa much longer, and they'll be some serious reflecting to do.......


John Corry said...


Good to hear that you are a bit better now. Although it sounds like you had a rough time of it in the last week. Hmm. Oh yes that's right Afirca is a real place, sin't it. Yeah I had just gotten use to seeing it on telly, where it looks so nice and lovely.


Naomi said...

Hello? Hello? Are you still there?