Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An African Conclusion Part Three

My week in hospital was, well, relaxing at times, at others not so relaxing.
That was when i would wake up having an axiety attack as a reaction from Mefloquine intially used to treat the malaria when i was in Banfora. The clinic was clean and some of the staff friendly. One nurse on nightshift wasn't though which didn't help my anxiety. I felt i was about to burst at one point.
My new american friend came and visited me as did a couple of other i had met, and they found i had an infection on top of the malaria and began to treat that as well. a week on a drip = fun fun fun.
Eventually i was let out told i was totally better. The stomach was still very delicate though, but at least i was able to eat now. I had dropped some twelve kilos since i left Australia (and ive only put four on since which im happy about).
The person i met from the US took me in and i stayed with her and her husband, they are missionaries and really nice warm friendly people. I was lucky again. Eating wasn't so great, but i got to visit the 'American Club' where lots of ex pats visit for a good meal.
I sorted out a flight to Paris but couldnt book online paris to melbourne as the connection was too darn slow. I decided to go to Paris and see what happens from there to go home.
I went shopping too and bought some material, but i was quite exhausted and returned back to the house.
I started to get my belongings together - i had booked a flight out that night!!!!!

and yet again to be continued...

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