Wednesday, June 07, 2006

An African Conclusion Part Two

So yes continuing on..... how is everyone by the way?? hope you're all well!

After a night where i woke up at 3am having a huge panic attack then being sick i concluded that the drugs given to me for the stomach pains may not be great. I was learning the hard way about African medicine. SO much fun.
Well, i woke up early that morning at about 7am and couldn't sleep. There was an early bus at some point back to Ouagadougou and i was determined to make it. I dragged myself back to the bus station again and hopped on a big, comfortable airconditioned bus, the likes of which i hadn't seen yet in Africa.
I also met a nice American lady who had incidently been at the restaurant i was at the previous evening. She's living in Burkina Faso and must have been sent by God to save me from this experience i was having... finally a little support had arrived. Thanks again!
Well that bus journey was hell.. truly as bad as i could have imagined. I had anxiety and a sick stomach and it just took forever. I had my Ipod on me which helped a little, but i still don't know how i survived.
Well i had been trying to choose between just flying to Europe or getting medical help, and with my new friend i chose the latter.
I went to a medical clinic that sees westerners frequently and spoke with a doctor who actually speaks English. Quite a relief!
Before i knew it though, he was admitting me into hospital, they were taking loads of blood from me and it looked like i would be there for quite some time. He believed i still had malaria and perhaps some other problem. I had a bed though in a room with another guy who was from Cote D'Ivoire, and also had an air conditioner. So wasn't too bad.
My hospital stay had begun...

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