Monday, June 26, 2006

World Cup fanatics

Well the world cup fever is here in full in Australia. Tomorrow morning they will probably be knocked out.
This world cup debuted a couple of nations i visited in west africa. Togo didnt win a game in the World Cup, but toiled well. Ghana plays Brazil tonight after australia and Italy. So i wish them luck.. but also luck to brazil as i have a couple of friends there!
I remember watching the African Cup of Nations whilst in West Africa, and seeing the response from the locals... the Ghanains must be absolutely ecstatic with the way they have played.
Cote D'Ivoire managed a win in the group stage in the world cup but didnt make it through to the second round. They were in the final of the African Cup of Nations losing a penalty shootout to Egypt.
so it all brings back memories
hope everyone is well

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Breeze from Abrolhos said...

Yeah! 3x0 for us!
Lets win on Saturday!