Monday, August 01, 2011

London - The Royals, Westminster and one last but of Geeking Out!

Well folks, I have around 12 hours left in Great Britain. It's funny, I have had 24 days here (not including the two before I went to Cameroon) yet I write from you so tired and this endless feeling of moving dragging me down. What to make of this place? It feels somehow different to the previous three visits. Maybe it's because I am tried and my shoulder hurts, I don't know. I arrived yesterday afternoon, and after catching up with an old friend I did some sight-seeing today.
Doctor Who Experience.
 I am styaing at a pretty grotty hostel all said, and sleep last night and I had about 3 hours sleep in total. However I am more concerned about tonight as I have to rise at 4.45am, around an hour after I finally fell asleep last night. Hopefully the others in my dorm will be quieter and less... weird tonight.
It was only one person really.

Ok the Doctor Who Experience. Told to go and see it by a few people I did. And as a fan of the original series more than the new one I felt let down. There is a sort of interactive mini-theme park section where Matt Smith has recorded video and you go from TARDIS console room to Dalek Motehrship and other places. I guess that's what the 18-20 pound entrance is for. Yes that's right. This had something to do with my dissatisfaction.
However for kids I imagine it's a complete hoot, and there is a couple of things from the first 26 years of the programme, but it's mostly based on the 2010 series with Matt Smith. What can I say? I'm a hard man to please! Madame Tussaud's is almost 30 pounds! The UK really fleeces people for any sort of tourist attraction.
Buckingham Palace.
 I walked around in London for a bit and saw Westminster Abbey, very impressive and gothic indeed, but not open on a Sunday. Then a walk around St James Park - 24 degrees today so everyone out in the best weather I have had all the time I have been here. Nearby was Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, again brilliant buildings steeped in English History. Then to Buckingham Palace, lots of tourists everywhere. Oh the Throngs! It seems the biggest groups here are Spanish and Italian. Oxford street as busy as I remember it - more so. Whew time to get my tired carcus back here to my grotty hostel.
Westminster Abbey.
Tomorrow, 620am, the Eurostar. I hit the continent! I am making my way to Brussels and then to Luxembourg tomorrow... back on trains, which I am very happy ab out. So, until my next blog...

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