Thursday, August 18, 2011

Relaxing a La France!!

My sojourn over in Bavaria, where I visited a food festival in a small village, watched some beach volleyball and ate cake, I had an interesting journey to France.
I took the train to Augsburg where I picked up a rideshare. People put a message online about where they are going and when, and if it suits you you pay to join them. Far cheaper than a train, this ride took me to Geneva in about six hours and I let some interesting people on the way. From there it was a 30 minute journey with my friends to a small town called Publier on Lac Léman, in the Savoie Region of France. It was four countries in one day, and quite the trek.
Lac Léman at sunset.
 I had a wonderful days and enjoyed some unexpected hospitality. Tried the local cheese, the local fish, the local mini-golf course with little luck. One day I was taken up to the nearby mountains where it was trés beau, and there were lots of goats and people with bmxes. The chairlifts had an attachment and they would take them up the moutain and ride them down.
Mountain village around 30 minutes from the lake.
 We also visited a quaint lakeside village full of flowers called Yvoire. A very beautiful little town indeed. The whole region is beautiful. I didn't get up to much else and yesterday moved on to Lyon. It's hot here, the European summer has finally arrived. But the trip is about to enter a new phase. More of that after Lyon....
Lac Léman, at a town called Yvoire

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