Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Journey (back) to Japan

Now I know my journey is just getting confusing now, and has not been helped by lack of recent blogs, but right now I am in Japan, tomorrow I leave for Georgia and my last post was about France.
So let's go back three weeks. If your time machine is not working, best just to read I guess. From Lyon I went south to a place called Carcassonne for two nights where it was 39 degrees and I did very little. To Paris the next day, flight the day after. Five hours in Kuala Lumpur, a night in Singapore, flight via Hong Kong to Tokyo. Yes, that was not the easiest and most logical of routes, enough said.
 I have spent most of my time in Yokohama. The weather has been hot and sticky every day, but hey, I've survived. Yokohama seems a pleasant enough city with a fair ground and large Ferris wheel and plenty of shopping. I have also managed a trip to Nagoya (more on that in the next post), into Tokyo, which is only a short distance away and to Enoshima and Kamakura.
 Enoshima is a little island on the east coast with a tower on top, escalators that take you to the top and you have to pay for (!!!) and also some interesting caves containing many religious statues and the like. Well worth a little visit. Kamakura is an old capital with amazing old temple I visited.
Through the cave mouth, Enoshiba.
 In Tokyo I visited the Senso-ji Temple, and clearly was not the only person. It lives in Akasaka, an area of Tokyo, and people from everywhere come to visit it. The streets around the temple have more touristy shops that I could imagine in one area, but the temple itself was rather awesome, with some of the best giant red lanterns you could want to see.
Red Lantern hanging in front of the Senso-ji.
 Finally in Tokyo, with the Sony Building shut on the day I wanted to visited, I went to the Shinjuku NS Building. It has an amazing atrium and I took the lift up to the 29th floor to see some amazing views across Tokyo. As it was free, I highly recommend it! More on Nagoya soon!
View from the Shinjuku NS building.

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