Friday, August 05, 2011

Lovely, Lush Luxembourg

Hello folks.
I am writing from Cologne, Germany... Yes I do get around. But here I am to tell you about my time in Luxembourg, where I have just spent the last three days.

Aqueducts used to bring water, now trains to Luxembourg.
 I arrived in Luxembourg on the first of August after my Eurostar journey from early morning London. I was lucky enough to be the only person boarding the train to get my bags fully searched, and nearly missed the thing because of it. Still, soon I was on the 300kmph Eurostar hurtling towards the continent. I remember we entered the chunnel but there was no exciting fanfare as I imagined or an announcement that we were entering it, it just started. Then I woke up five minutes before Brussels!
After that it was three hours to Luxembourg I think. The capital was built on top of a giant rock in 963 AD and since then thez have burrowed into the rock to create tunnels which I visited called casemates. A small section is open and there are a lot of tunnels.
There's a few nice churches as well to visit and a plethora of museums and galleries. I took a Luxembourg Card and for 10 Euros could enter as many as I had time for in one day. The History of the City of Luxembourg Museum is one, that like some of its counterparts is built in a modernised building, that also goes into the rock. It showcases the city, as well it might with that title. The view across Luxembourg, across the valley is breathtaking. The rail bridges are very long and have a Roman-aqueduct design to them so they really suit the city.
Castle at Vianden.
 On the second day I ventured out with some friends I made in Vietnam (and then again bumped into them by pure coincidence in China) to other towns in Luxembourg. At Vianden is a stunning castle on a hill which was chok-full of people revelling in a medieval festival. The countryside is also gorgeous and perfect for a picnic. Then in a place called Remich it was time for mini-golf!
View of casemates, Luxembourg city.
As for the copius hours I spent looing at modern art... well I'm not sure I gained anything but an increased dislike for it! soooo pretentious! Someone puts a postcard over an old photo of Humphrey Bougart and that is apaprently art? Pish and Tosh I say. And galleries pay for that sort of thing! Then there was a 15 minute video entitled '15 minutes in Busan' as one guy is filmed, poorly, being put into various statue positions by two othes.
They are taking the piss right??

BUT Luxembourg is a little gem. That's all I can say. If medieval villages and cities is your thing, and you are running out of European countries you haven't yet been too, it might be for you. I think it's often over looked, and don't think it should be.

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Yup, it is quality. We shall return!