Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Japan... the return!

A cherry blossom in Tokyo
So folks I am back in  Japan with a new life. I've had all manner of weather and earth-shakes (not quite as good as milk shakes) since I arrived. I have a little apartment in Ichinoseki and am waiting for my wife to join me. I have seen the cherry blossoms in Tokyo and visited some of Yokohama's attractions that I missed the first time around. There was a crazy week of training after which I traveled to the Iwate prefecture capital, Morioka. There was karaoke and a lot of snow.
Following that I moved to Ichinoseki and my new apartment. It's standard for a Japanese apartment, a decent size even. Two main rooms, a kitchen and bathroom. Oh and toilet. It's pretty bare right now but starting to fill up. When I was in Tokyo I bought a guitar I hope can help with the school lessons I am to give. The first night I got to Ichinoseki I felt a fair quake. It was a long way away but around 6 I believe. The following Friday there were a few much smaller rumblings throughout the day.

Mt Fuji from the Landmark Tower.
So I moved on down for a week in Yokohama. I took the lift to the top of the Landmark Tower and got a great view over the city. Was lucky to have a fine day and I could even see Mount Fuji from there. This is the best view in many attempts I got of the mountain. I also visited the Ramen Museum. This is a museum dedicated to one of the Japanese people's favourite bowls of noodles, ramen noodles. It was set up like a night time streetscape from the fifties with lots of functioning ramen shops inside. Actually, the bowl I had was a bit below par to be honest. There is a chain of these museums in Japan. Quirky and unique!

Snow in cold Morioka

The Ramen Museum.

So back in Ichinoseki, visiting my schools for the first time tomorrow. I've been driving too the last couple of days. It's all an adventure. Stay tuned, over the next couple of days some news on the book front!
View of Yokohama

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Steve said...

Hi Andy,

Great to see you're still posting even though you're boring and married now! Congratulations by the way - hope you guys are very happy together. Love the idea of the Ramen museum - presumably you get to eat some as well as learn about it?
Is that Professor Who episode with me and Elke in it on Youtube yet? Would love to see it!

Good luck with your new job too.