Sunday, April 22, 2012

Teaching in Japan, first impressions!

So here I am in sunny (no really!) Ichinoseki, Japan. The weather is chilly but not too much rain since I moved here which is good. I find myself at two schools during the week. One is a high school with some classes as big as 42 students, and once a week a special needs school with classes ranging from 1 to 6 student! Yes quite a contrast!
The teachers are very dedicated to the work in Japan. Actually most of Japan is dedicated to their work. It's an interesting part of the culture here, a country of workaholics! Imagine the teachers work around 9-10 hours a day and regularly need to supervise events and work weekends. One teacher I spoke to at my high school worked two twelve-hour days last weekend.
School is full-on for the students too. They will always have activities after school, most days, as well as weekend activities as well. I walked into some of my classes to see one or two students asleep at their desk! I don't blame them. I begin to see why I saw so many people falling asleep in public places when I visited last year. The train often has a number of people asleep, and McDonald's often hosts people sleeping. I saw a couple both asleep at their table at the Akihabara McDonald's last time I was in Tokyo.

The schools are well set-up places, a big difference in funding compared to Georgia! Lots of big buildings for classrooms and sport. CD players, copiers, laptops for every teacher. Can't help but be impressed. The teachers at both schools, but especially the special needs school, are incredibly dedicated. This year is going to be hard work, a lot of learning, but I hope very rewarding too!

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