Saturday, January 21, 2006

cape coast musings

well everyone
i have been really struggling here, feeling good one day and bad the next. thinking of getting out of africa, well i was yesterday, but now im thinking i still want to make it to Dakar some how, looks like ill try an abridged itinerary... though i havent exactly published it to anyone so you may not know the difference.
Going to try to get to Dakar by mid february now, not going to Niger.
anyways ive been in Cape Coast the last few days which is a much nicer place than Accra. Yesterday I took a day trip out to Kakum National Park which is set in a beautiful rain forest, and has a suspended walkway 30 metres above the forest floor. This has 7 sections, mostly around 50 metres long each. It's held up by cables which seem strong enough, however the mesh than holds rusty ladders with planks of wood on top seem anything but safe. This was very hairy, and my fear of heights did not help.
Today I'm off to Elmina for another day trip, where these is a caste/fort where slaves where shipped off to the new world from. I saw something similar here in Cape Coast a couple of days back... an eerie feeling indeed, and the waves truly crashed hard onto the rocks just outside the fort like i've never heard.... no idea how they sent ships through that. A ship out to sea struggled (lots of fishing ships) with its sail and mast which collapsed but i think they made it back alive....

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