Thursday, January 26, 2006

Last day in Ghana, so some pics at last!

Well here they are finally, a few pics for everyone to enjoy!!! The first is one of the wonderful waterways of Accra... trying to capture the bad side of the city but don't know that I did. Actually not starting to mind this city, getting the hang of 'public transport', had roast chicken last night that didn't make me sick.. what can I say?? Just went to the Memorial park for Ghana's first Prime Minister - Ghana was the first African Nation to gain independence from their colonial occupiers so he's quite the hero here!!

Second pic is the fishing village of Elmina, the thrid (clockwise from top left) is the fort at Elmina, St George's fort, mostly in Dutch hands, the final is the 30 metre high walkway in Kakum National Park. Getting the pics on has been quite the effort!!

Tomorrow I'm off to Togo, barring bad things happening, for a short stop on the way to Benin. Niger looks likely at the moment. Yesterday visited the fine museum in Accra which displayed cloths - the patterns meaning a different quote. One read something like 'If you have more than your neighbour, he hates you...'

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John Corry said...

Great pictures Andrew, they really give me an idea of what it is like over there.