Monday, January 30, 2006

Snakes alive...

hey everyone
I just lost my post so here goes. Again. Yesterday took share taxi from Lome to Cotonou, Benin. If you are interested in these countries I thoroughly recommend the destination guide at
Anyways I have a damn nice room which I am pretty happy about, but I was even more happy to have lived through the taxi ride. Firstly i have to share the back seat with a girl and a man who took up half the back seat by himself. He then insisted on closing his window making breathing even harder, and seating even easier. The window was kinda broken, and an electric one, so the driver (who was involved in a shouting match with this man) pulled over in the middle of nowhere and some men fixed a battery up to the switch and the window whirred up. of course it didnt open again.
Passing at breakneck speed featured highly in this journey, and was not an easy feeling. Especially when we passed an accident scene where a van was completely crumpled. The man said ├Čts thank god everyday you survive on this road`or something to that effect.
We had two power outtages lasting a total of two hours last night, and today i visited Ouidah, where the history revolves both around slavery and voodoo. The museum was very interesting, one guy even spoke English. Barely coping with all the French here. Anyways, travel is on the back of a motorcycle here, and the drivers we had around town kept trying to up the price after it was agreed apon. This is often very exhausting, especially with no set prices.
The beach, where the slaves left from, is actually quite beautiful. Statues in the voodoo tradition line the road out to it.
Back in town is the python temple, where you get a very short tour and have to pay three times as much to take photographs. So you won`t see a picture with me holding a python round my neck (I was assured the teeth had been removed) so you`ll have to take my word that it happened.....

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