Tuesday, January 31, 2006

spreading the guilt around

well im feeling like shit
today i went out to this village on stilts out in the middle of a lagoon called Ganvie around 20 kilometres from Cotonou. You get charged around fifteen Australian dollars to get taken around in a pirogue, which is a rather high price. No-one in the village is even vaguely hapy to see you... well hello! apparently their lives are a tourist attraction. But the people sailing and paddling the boat were nice.
I was hot, a little sunburnt and feeling a little ripped off so when I got off the boat I ignored the calls for a `cadeux`and just walked away. But those guys, I expect, don`t get a tenth of what I paid (neither, i expect, does Ganvie itself) someone else pockets most of it. I just shook the receipt saying i already paid and didnt look back. What an arsehole. And now Im using this blog to try and disperse my guilt. sigh. will resist the urge to publish several swear words.
Tomorrow its a train to Parakou, then bush taxi the next day to Niger.


Greig said...

Hi Andrew

You can change your Blog settings so that anyone can comment without having to sign up for a Blog.


Naomi said...

Hey Andy,

Mmm, yeah. It's hard to know what's fair in poverty ridden countries. In East Africa I bargained ruthlessly over prices because I was convinced that as a white face everyone was trying to rip me off. But perhaps it was me who was doing the ripping off when I bought beautiful artworks for just a few dollars.

Well that's not exactly going to make you feel better is it?