Monday, January 23, 2006

Tro tro troing

A tro tro is like a cramped mini bus that seats five people across and is as uncomfortable as possible. I journied back to Accra today in one of them and survived... wasnt all that bad really!!! Life goes on, Should be heading to Togo on Tuesday all going well touch wood...
yesterday i did a day trip to a place called Elmina, a delightful little fishing town (wish i could put some pics up for everyone) only 10 kms from Cape Coast where I spent the last four nights. There is another fort there, this one seemed bigger and had a better tour, and the whole place was really kind of nice.
Coming back to Accra i found myself not loathing it as much as last time. Maybe it's cos it's Sunday, or I know I'm only here to see the museum, get set and push on I'm not too sure.......

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Naomi said...

Hey Andy,

This is cool. Your comments remind me so much of when I was in East Africa - ok, so thousands of kms from where you are now, but at least it's the same continent.

Sorry to hear that it's hard going - but remember that in a few months you'll have some AWESOME stories to tell.

Kia kaha, Naomi.