Saturday, January 14, 2006

monsoonal karaoke

Hey everyone
i've been trying to post with a different log in name which is very strange because it says that I have a different blog that i used in 2003 - however i have no recollection of this blog. But it signs in as my name so it is very strange. even with my password...... weird hey??
Anyways. Yes, the trip is under way. Its a warm morning in Singapore... I arrived a couple of days back and was greeted almost straight away by 24 hours of monsoonal rains. Interesting way to start off the trip.
Haven't done a hell of a lot since arriving apart from struggling to sleep, and some karaoke. I certainly have been getting down and jiggy with it so far on this trip. Tiger beer is gooooood :)
Found a nice little pub/karaoke place in Chinatown where me and a couple of friend became very popular straight away. We had a blast really!!!
Chinese New Year is the 29th of January I have been reliably informed but the celebrations have already started in earnest around here, Chinatown has decorations galore and laser light displays.
Anyways, today i take a long bus journey up to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia where i catch a flight to Accra Ghana, where the real adventure begins.
stay tuned....

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Nic said...

I loved Singapore. It was also monsoon when I was there in 2002. Hell it can rain!
Take care.