Saturday, November 03, 2007

Airport Hijinks

So I am at Helsinki airport, it is 6am and I discover that my flight from Casablanca to Bamako has been cancelled, from an email from my travel agent. Wowser... what could have happened? just like that?
I went to Air France at Heathrow to find the airport at Bamako is closed for a week for repairs! No, I had never heard of such a thing before. SO I am now booked to return to Ouagadougou on the 6th... It's more flying and travelling overland to Mali, but not real option. On top of that I need to get a visa for Burkina Faso now before I go, and I had to book for my friend Paul without his ok as I couldnt contact him, but the seats were disappearing as I waited.
So I have to go to Surrey, where the Bukina Faso Honoury Consul lives and works out of his own home and can process visas on the spot on Monday. Bizarre.
Here I am bleeding money, but have my own comfortable apatment with a wide screen tv, so shouldn't complain too much. Been checking out locations where doctor who was shot... yes i am a dork and proud!

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