Friday, November 23, 2007

St Louis, Senegal

The trip is winding down.
Two days ago I journied from Dakar to St Louis, tomorrow I return to Dakar to take my flight the next day to Casablanca, then London on Monday and home Tuesday night (arriving two days later).
Ive found the last few days a bit tough - just exhaustion really. Where as Mali was light on the hassle, Senegal certainly isnt. Not in St Louis and certainly not in Dakar.
I headed two days ago to the Dakar Gare Routiere. It was the biggest and most confusing that I have seen. Still; I soon found myself on a minibus to St Louis at about noon. Only three people on the thing, oh god i thought, It will be a good two hours before we leave. No... I was wrong, try six and a half.
Crikey indeed.
Still, I showed great patience as we began our ride that should take between three and four hours. Wrong again. Peak hour in Dakar, and you`ve never seen traffic like it. It was stuffy and hot whan the minibus was stationary, and it was for a long time getting out of Dakar. To get to Thies, 70km away it took three hours. I kid ye not. Then we were held up as there was a bad looking accident on the road involving four vehicles. Very bad indeed... Two ambulances needed - but thank goodness they were available. I shudder to think the response time in say Niger.
Another accident slowed us down a little further on. In summary - arrived at St Louis just before 1am. Phew. Makes that journey from Parkou to Niamey seem quite successful.
Now St Louis.... was steaming hot yesteday. A sleepy sort of town, not luch to do. Fine, I don`t want to do much. Had some good mmeals thankfully as the I journied here four bananas made up my lunch and dinner. Still trhe hassle exists in the centre of town. Cooler today but a hot sun. Such is life... I can`t believe I am so close to returning home, but I have to say I am tired and ready!! Africa sure takes it out of one!

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