Saturday, November 03, 2007


Helsinki - I had one day. I caught the ferry from Tallinn, it took an hour and a half (twas the fast ferry).
After checking in to my hostel I visited several sights (and had a subway!). I went to the 'Cave Church', which has a far longer finnish name which I can't possibly remember. Inside a huge hill of rock an amazing church has been carved, with a man-made dome.
From there another Church, and Orthodox one close to the port. Allowed inside of this one, it shows the influence of Russian Orthodoxy even beyond its own borders. There is also an impressive cathedralin the centre of town.
I visited the cable factory - no longer working as one, it's a home to Helsinki's artists. An exhibition was there influenced by Africa. I will soon be there!
Then I visited the impressive National Museum.I spent an hour and a half there, and enjoyed much of what I saw and learned things about Finland I didn't know. I tried hard not to walk around humming or singing Monty Python's 'Finland' or 'Hard Rock Hallalujah' (Lordi). A very warm and friendly city was Helsinki, where the toilet cost an unreasonable one euro.... but I had to get up at 4.15am to catch my plane to London....

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