Monday, November 26, 2007

Bogartting the Blog

Hi all

Well, the trip is winding down. Casablanca is a fine city, one without hassle like Senegal which I think had more hassle than the other West African Nations I have visited.

It's also much cooler, about 18 degrees yesterday. I have a bit of a cold with isn't much fun. Still, I have had enough energy to walk around the city a bit and take in the amazing Hassan II Mosque, the third largest in the world (pictured) and then stroll the Medina (one of the gates also pictured). Not much else to see here I believe, so it's been a nice little day. Also far cheaper than West Africa here too.

No time to really take in what Morrocco is like, I am sure Marrakech is a far different city - more tourists more hassle. Still it hasn't been a bad little stop over all told. Hard to believe I will be home in a few days. I had a shave in a barber shop today, and saw news of the Australian Election. Smiley face.
So tomorrow I get on a plane tomorrow. If it leaves without me I will regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday, soon and for the rest of my life....

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