Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Throaty Times

Well it's been a strange few days here in London. The weather has been mild, but I've been sick since Saturday. I've a throat infection which is very painful, so I didn't get to do much here as I have been trying to recover before flying to Africa.

I did walk along the Thames and see Big Ben and the Millenium wheel before coming down sick... I saw 'Spamalot' too, the Monty Python Musical based on Monty Python's Holy Grail. I was so high up that I nearly needed oxygen. Actually that's when I started to feel sick.

Yesterday I made my way to Ockley in Surrey where Paul and myself got our Burkina Faso visas. The honoury consul operates out of his small office in a shed, it was quite the 'different' experience. I returned to London and visited a doctor who gave me some medications and told me I was fine to travel today to Ouagadougou. Who would have ever thought I would return there! I leave for the airport in less than half an hour, although we don't arrive in Ouaga until 2.40am. Now that should be an experience!

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