Thursday, July 14, 2011


Cardiff Castle.
Folks you find me, unsurprisingly thanks to the title, in the capital of Wales, Cardiff. I have had three days here and it's a nice enough place, although I am taken aback somewhat by the number of alcoholics on the street who have frequent loud 'conversations', and parents who yell at their kids too. It's been strange, not something I have experienced on this journey anywhere else.
Attraction-wise, Cardiff isn't packed with stuff to see. Most buildings have 'Millennium' in front of them, like the Millennium Centre', a big fancy building with giant Welsh words cut out of a bronze facade. Inside are a couple of shops, a theatre or two, a BBC centre being built which will house a Doctor Who Exhibit (now you're excited). The building itself features heavily in Torchwood and once or twice in Doctor Who. The lady at the shop even had a list of many Doctor Who filming locations around Cardiff. No... I didn't then spend the rest of my time hunting them down. I promise. But Doctor Who is a big part of Cardiff today. Really!
The Millennium Centre.
 The National Museum is full of the history, particularly ancient and palentological (yes I made that word up) of Wales. It's free, which I enjoyed. Interesting art too. Then the Cardiff Castle is the showpiece of the city. It is 11 pounds which is quite exorbitant in my view. But it has some interesting history going back 2000 and is a must see. In one section there is a house built into the walls, inside it is done up as restored Victoriana - quite brilliant! Lovely clock tower as well.
Cardiff Bay.
 That done, I went for an afternoon trip to a small village called St Fagan's, about 20 minutes by bus from Cardiff. There is a wonderful open air museum there with houses and a castle also decked out inside. It's really worth a look in the Wales countryside. Beautiful grounds as well! Wales is an interesting place. The accent is amazing - and hard to replicate - and everything is signed in both Welsh (usually first) and English. They are a proud people!
St Fagan's Castle.
Tomorrow - I head to Oxford!

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